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Royal Caribbean Wonder of the Seas Cruise Parking Info

Royal Caribbean Wonder of the Seas Facts

Royal Caribbean – Wonder of the Seas currently sails out of Port Canaveral’s CT1 (Cruise Terminal 1). Port Parking Space provides the closest and most convenient parking for CT1 with regular shuttle service for its parking customers.

Homeport: Port Canaveral
Cruise Terminal: Usually CT1
Closest Off-Site Parking: portparkingspace.com
Current parking discount code: WINTER23

Get To Know Your Fellow Travelers

There are several social media groups that communicate both before and after they cruise on the Royal Caribbean – Wonder of the Seas. Here are some links to some of the most popular Facebook groups:

Royal Caribbean Wonder of the Seas Facts

Ship Class: The Wonder of the Seas takes center stage as a flagship in Royal Caribbean’s Oasis Ultra-class cruise ships, celebrated for revolutionary design and expansive amenities. This class sets a new standard, seamlessly blending opulence with innovation.

Maiden Voyage: Embarking on its inaugural journey on March 4, 2022, the Wonder of the Seas heralded a new era of cruise magnificence, embodying Royal Caribbean’s dedication to redefining excellence on the seas.

Capacity: With a remarkable passenger capacity of approximately 6,988 guests, the Wonder of the Seas offers an extravagant yet comfortable cruise experience, catering to a diverse range of travelers seeking both relaxation and thrilling adventures.

Features and Amenities: The Wonder of the Seas stands out with unparalleled features and amenities, including the stunning Central Park neighborhood, thrilling water slides, and a variety of dining options. Passengers can revel in a fusion of exhilarating entertainment and upscale experiences, reshaping the cruise landscape.

Itineraries: The Wonder of the Seas embarks on captivating itineraries, often exploring destinations like the Caribbean and Asia. These journeys not only showcase breathtaking locales but also invite passengers to immerse themselves in Royal Caribbean’s unparalleled service and entertainment.

Entertainment: Onboard the Wonder of the Seas, entertainment is a multifaceted experience, featuring Broadway-caliber shows, AquaTheater spectacles, and the excitement of water slides. Passengers can engage in a diverse array of activities, creating an atmosphere of delight and enjoyment throughout the cruise.

Dining: Culinary excellence defines the Wonder of the Seas, with an array of dining experiences ranging from specialty restaurants to casual eateries. The ship’s innovative dining options cater to various tastes, ensuring a delightful gastronomic journey that harmonizes with the overall luxurious cruise experience.

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